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IDMC Conference 2021 Exponential: Multiplying Disciples

The Intentional Disciple Making Church (IDMC) vision has been at the core and heart of our church since 2013. Moved by obedience towards Christ’s Great Commission, we have since taken the initiative on launching annually the IDMC Conferences in Australia with the goal of training the wider body. IDMC Conferences aim to be catalytic in sounding a clear clarion call for churches to return to their disciple-making roots.

“Our heart’s desire and vision is to champion the cause of intentional disciple-making in churches around this nation and to support churches towards this cause. We trust you will be richly blessed and equipped through these two days. We look forward to journey with you together on the road to making and becoming true disciples.”

Paul and Esabel Jeyachandran, Senior Pastors of and hosts of the IDMC Conference.

IDMC stands for Intentional Disciple Making Church. It is not a programme or denomination, but the fundamental belief that churches around Australia and the world are called to intentionally make disciples. Making disciples is at the very heart of the Great Commission. It is the key to church health and world evangelisation.

This year, the topic is Exponential: Multiplying Disciples. Exponential is all about multiplying authentic disciples in your church and ministries. Over 4 sessions in 2 days, Rev Paul Jeyachandran will explore how to create intentional discipleship environments and how to empower a disciplemaking culture and movement in your family, small group, next generation ministries and church-wide. The conference will be held online and will be completely FREE. Let us learn together the best practices and principles on what it takes to move your church towards intentional disciplemaking—resulting in the deepening of lives, strengthening of families and multiplication of authentic disciplemakers.

For pastors and church leaders who want to watch together with your teams, we invite you to register to be an IDMC Conference hub. If you have a local church premise we can offer you exclusive digital assets and guide you to set up your place as a hub for the IDMC Conference to be held on the same weekend of 13 – 14th August. If you’re also interested in potentially opening up your church for the community please register your interest at our conference website. For those who speak Chinese, we also offer traditional and simplified Chinese translations for all sessions. Get access to the conference and your downloadable workbook, please register at

“In the Church today, we fall into the trap of approaching our discipleship journey as a series of tasks we are to excel in. Discipleship is not merely about regimentation. We can be doing all these things and yet miss out on what true discipleship is all about,”

Reverend Edmund Chan, Founder of the Global Alliance IDMC Movement and Leadership Mentor of Covenant Evangelical Free Church Singapore.

Lastly we invite you to watch this promotional video to find out more:

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

Matthew 28:19–20

Register now at

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