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2021 National Church Life Survey (NCLS)

What is the 2021 National Church Life Survey (NCLS)?

The 2021 National Church Life Survey is the largest church-based survey in Australia. It is a survey done by NCLS Research to understand how local churches are doing in Australia. The survey will highlight the church’s value and importance in today’s changing and challenging world. 

The NCLS questionnaire explores people’s faith, church community, and attitudes to the church. It has become a key source of information about Australians’ faith and their attitudes to religion since 1991.


Purpose of the 2021 NCLS

The purpose of the survey is to provide valuable data about Australians’ faith for churches and communities across Australia to use in their ministry effortsThe survey results will help church leaders understand the people they are ministering to. It will also help churches make good decisions about where they should be heading.  

2021 NCLS is important for many reasons

Besides understand the needs of the church, the survey will also help churches create better strategies for reaching out to the community. It is best that churches be aware of what is currently happening in the community, so that they can provide the most relevant of solutions. 

Another reason why it’s important is because it can help provide a baseline of how people are engaging with church on a national level – which helps them make more informed decisions on how they should be distributing their resources and understanding what people want from their church. 

Please note that this NCLS is not a measure of Christian belief, but rather a measure of Christian activity. This difference is significant as it means that personal beliefs are not being assessed by this survey. Rather, it measures how people are engaging with their faith through activities such as prayer, worship attendance, Bible reading or church membership.

How can I participate in 2021 NCLS?

We want to invite every local Christian church to participate in Australia’s 2021 NCLS in October and November 2021.

You can order your survey here:

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