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Practical and easy to use at good price

Practical and easy to use at good price especially for small to medium size congregation

Thank you Edmund for your feedback. We are so glad to know that our product served your congregation well. God bless!

Prefilled Communion Cups

Thank you! =)

Prefilled Communion Cups

Thank you! =)


Such a great concept of having the wafer and juice in one handy cup. It makes Sunday mornings so much easier as the cups are pre-filled, convenient and hygienic

Thank you for your review. We are glad that our cups are serving you & your church this way. God bless.

Great product

We only use this brand.. trusted to arrive, and as described.

Yay! Thank you so much for your wonderful words. We are so encouraged.

Thank You!

We initially received our order and found several bags had leakages. The team at whole in one were so quick to help with the replacement and we are super grateful for their hardwork. This happened just before Christmas and we really appreciate excellent customer service during the busy period.

Thank you Jenny for your lovely feedback. We are sorry that some of the cups leaked. We appreciate your patience and kind understanding. God bless.

Bible Foundation Church

The Best Prefilled communion cups to get.

Thank you Juliet for your encouraging feedback! ☺️

Easy to use.

That's great to hear! Thank you. =)

Daily Communion

I bought the communion cups so I could have communion daily. These were shipped and received quickly.
I am very happy with the service and quality of the communion cups.

Thank you Connie for your kind words.

Excellent customer service

The team at whole in one is very kind and friendly towards my inquiries and has a very professional attitude in attending phone calls

Thank you for your kind review. It is our pleasure to serve our customers well. =)


Prompt delivery ♥️
Awesomely 👌 packaged
Precious Communion (1 Corinthians 11:23-26)

Thank you so much for your lovely review. We are so happy to know that you are satisfied with the service and packaging as well. God bless.

Communion Made easy

We have been using these cups since covid and found them to be so convenient we continued using them and will continue into the future. They are ready set up and make the running of our communion part of the service smoother and less work. They also taste good.

Thank you so much Lana for your encouraging words. So glad that the cups provided a seamless and smoother service for your congregation. We truly appreciate it.

Whole in One communion

The communion cups and wafers are perfect for our church that is currently meeting out in the open air.

Having church out in the open air is such a lovely way to do church, although not without its challenges. We are glad to know that partaking communion is not one of them. =)


Product great packaged well and convenient.
Trying to order is mostly a nightmare as password really works so one has to fiddle around to get a new password otherwise it’s great

Thank you Janice for your feedback. We are so pleased to know that you are happy with our product. We apologise for the trouble with password. Please do not hesitate to contact us anytime from Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm. Our friendly team is always ready to assist!

Efficient and friendly service. Very happy with the product. Thank you

Glad to serve! Thank you for your lovely feedback. =)

Fantastic service, and the elements are just what we need!

Whole Communion's commitment to excellence and devotion to the timeless sacrament of communion is truly commendable. The positive impact they have had on my spiritual journey is immeasurable. From their exceptional service to the expertly curated elements, every aspect of Whole Communion exudes reverence and deepens our connection with our faith. The experience they provide is not just about partaking in communion; it is about embracing the transformative power of this sacred sacrament and embarking on a profound spiritual journey. Whole Communion has rekindled a flame within my heart, igniting a deeper devotion and encouraging me to seek a more meaningful connection with my faith.

All praise to God! We are truly encouraged to hear the testimony of your deepening faith, and how our pre-filled communion cup played a significant role in that journey. Indeed, we remember Christ and His redeeming grace. We pray that many more are blessed through this. Thank you for your feedback and God bless!

Communion every day

I am loving the cups, we are having communion every day for month of October,

Thank you Jules. We are happy to know that our product was helpful in your daily partaking of the communion.

Good product, fast response

Really appreciate the quality of these communion cups, especially the gluten free option. The customer service was excellent, and the response to our order was lightning fast.

Thank you Steve for your wonderful words! We always strive to put in our best effort in all that we do. Glad to hear that you are happy with our product and service! =)

Communion Cups

Great product and very well designed. Easy to use and saves time with no longer having to prepare Communion emblems prior to service.

Thank you for your feedback! It always encourages us when we know that our product brought convenience and is beneficial to our customers.

Timesaving and convenient

Such a timesaver for those rushed Sunday mornings. We are also quickly able to bring out more communion so that no-one misses out. Thanks again!

Yay! We are aware that some Sundays can be hectic. So glad that the cups saved time and provided convenience. Thank you for your encouraging feedback. =)

Prefilled Communion Cups

Thank you Loretta!

Communion cups

This batch of communion cups is much easier to open than the previous batch.

That's great to know. We are constantly trying to improve our product so that it's easy and convenient to use. Thank you for the feedback.

St John’s Wilberforce

Seamless service. Thank you so much.
PrIse God for your ministry to us.
God Bless your enterprise.
Ralph Bennett

Thank you for your encouraging words. We will keep up the good work and be a blessing to others! God bless.

Prefilled Communion Cups

Thank you!


Thank you! =)