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7 stars

Very good

I should have ordered this ages ago!

Pre-Filled communion is the way to go! Their gluten free option makes the complicated set up to be so un complicated. Safe, easy and fast set up with no mess packdown.

awesome service

Keep it up, am ordering some more

Amazing solution to a daily need!

Thank you for “Whole in One” communion! It makes it so much easier for everyday family communion.

Not sure if your title reflects the product - sounds more suited to golf.

Great service, especially in following up if the order seems to have an error. A couple of times I have put click and collect, which I couldn't do as I live in rural NSW. So thank you for all you do.


Very happy customer. Thank you


Thank you so much for your excellent customer service, prompt response in sending out orders and great value for money . The only improvement I could ask for is that the lids are difficult for some to open.
Anne-Marie Blakehurst Baptist Church

Great Product

A great product and easier to use and open than the previous lot we purchased, however, a number of our older members still have difficulty in opening the top layer over the wafer.
It would be much easier for them if the opening tabs were not in the same location.
An excellent product. Thank you.

Very convenient.

Whole in one communion cups have been a useful and convenient way to celebrate communion during trying covid times. Although costing more than the way we used to prepare communion, it saves a lot of time and effort.

very practicle

easy to set up,; open; store away.

Discovery Community Church

Thank you for these cups which have been a great way to provide communion safely with the restrictions placed on churches.

Not used yet

We’ll be using them for the first time next Sunday. Many of the older people found the previous lot we bought from you hard to get into.
The 5 stars is for your excellent service.

Convenient simplicity

These communion cups are a game changer for us.
It is so easy and convenient to hand out these cups sealed.
Although some elderly have some problems with opening them it is a simple job to help but they are by far much easier to open than some others we have used in the past.. No leakage or spoiling of wafer in the box/bags they come in either.
Over all they are a great products which helps us in our ministry.


Enabled us to continue with communion during Covid restrictions

Grateful for assessbility

I'ts so convenient. I look forward to taking communion daily in my home.

The lids are a bit difficult for elderly folk to open so we make sure to help those who need it. We use them as an alternative while Covid is so prevalent.


Thanks, very fast service, especially when we are in a remote community at the northern most tip of Australia.
Keep up the good Work

Highly recommend Whole-in-One Communion cups

When we first needed secure Holy Communion cups at the beginning of the pandemic, we turned to Whole in One. We have continued happily to use this product. Hygienic, easy to use (even for the elderly members of our congregations), delivered in a timely manner. Very grateful to have found this product and highly recommend Whole-in-One Communion cups and the company. Great product. Great service.

Prefilled Communion Cups

Convenient, COVID Safe.

Easy to use. Fast delivery.

Great Service

Always great service and quick shipping from the Whole in One crew. Thank you!

Great Product and Service

The Communion Cup is the very good product. Our congregation enjoys it prefilled cup which is clean, convenient and easy to distribute with others. I hope many of your customers do experience the same.

Great Service

We have used these Communion Cups since the onset of COVID. They provide reassurance to our congregation that risks are being minimised when we have Communion.

Excellent product

Our church is very happy with these communion cups, they are good quality and the company always has excellent communication and efficient postage times.


A very, uncomplicated, hygienic & cost effective way of participating in & enjoying Holy Communion, which our fellowship has every service.