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Prefilled Communion Cups

– Simplify Holy Communion preparation

Containing an altar bread and blackcurrant juice in one package, our prefilled communion cups will reduce preparation time and avoid messy clean ups. Suitable for use at small home gatherings, Sunday worship services, and also for larger conferences where the logistics of serving holy communion is usually more challenging.

You can serve holy communion effortlessly by using our Whole In One prefilled communion cups. Made locally in Sydney, we can cater for the needs of your church by simplifying the logistics of serving holy communion. We started out making prefilled communion cups for our local church because we realised the need for a more hygienic and time efficient way to prepare holy communion. Now having served many occasions of the Lord’s Supper at our local church, we are ready to offer to you our prefilled communion cups.

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The bread element consist of a round whole wheat bread (wafer) made without additives. It can hold it’s form well and will not crumb easily. The wine element consist of blackcurrant juice made from concentrate. Both elements are packed together in a clean and controlled environment with ultra violet light treatment prior to sealing, making the prefilled communion cup safe and hygienic.

You no longer have to prepare the ‘bread and wine’ by hand, thus reducing the work of church staff or volunteers and also minimising the risk of potential contamination. The preparation steps will be simplified to unpacking the prefilled communion cups into serving trays. Your church staff or volunteers can save preparation time and your congregation can have better confidence in the quality and hygiene of the Holy Communion served at your church.

The ‘bread and wine’ is all separated and sealed inside our prefilled communion cup. Accessing the communion elements is as easy as opening a food container. You can easily peel back the clear foil on the top layer to access the altar bread. Similarly, peeling back the second metallic foil will give you access to the blackcurrant juice. Both young and old will be able to open the prefilled communion cups easily.

As each prefilled communion cup is self-contained, they can be kept and served again at the next opportunity if they are not all consumed during your church service. With the conventional way of preparing Holy Communion, the ‘bread and wine’ are exposed should not be kept and re-used. Additionally, the plastic material our communion cup can be recycled.

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