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Team photo of Whole In One

Meet Our Team

Hello! We are a team based in Rouse Hill, NSW.

Although we come from different backgrounds and churches, we have became closely knitted colleagues-turned-friends. We enjoy hanging out together, sharing a meal / celebrating each others’ birthdays and showing off our gardening & cooking skills (or none =P).

At Whole In One Communion, our mission is to help people encounter God by simplifying Holy Communion preparation. We are also firm believers of ‘doing it all in the name of the Lord’ (Col 3:17), always putting our best foot forward and giving our best to every tasks at hand.

Serving God and His Church is not just a responsibility, but a privilege that we take seriously. We understand the importance of Holy Communion and how it brings us closer to our faith. When the path gets challenging, we remember that we are serving God and His Church through our work.

While our work is our primary focus, a typical day at Whole In One Communion is anything but ordinary. Our workplace is filled with lively chatter, uplifting music, delicious food, and contagious laughter. It’s a place where camaraderie thrives, and collaboration blossoms.

Novita our green thumb chef is always generous to bring some of her bountiful harvest. Jason, our resident food aficionado, is always ready with restaurant recommendations. Jackson, our master chef wannabe, experiments with slow-cooked delicacies.

We’d love to hear from you! Drop us a message to say hello =)

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