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New: Gluten Free Prefilled Communion Cup

Introducing our Gluten Free Prefilled Communion Cup

Gluten free prefilled communion cups

How is it gluten free?

A combination of gluten free flours (garbanzo bean flour, potato starch, tapioca flour, whole grain sweet white sorghum flour & fava bean flour) are used to make the ‘gluten free’ communion wafer. The final product is tested for gluten to confirm that the product contains no detectable gluten.

Endorsed by Coeliac Australia

Whole in One Communion Gluten Free Prefilled Communion Cups is endorsed by Coeliac Australia.

How do we manage allergens (gluten)?

Although we do not have a separate gluten free manufacturing facility, we have an allergen control process within our food safety plan to control for the risk of cross contamination.

Gluten free material is stored separately. Production of gluten free items occurs on a different day following a full clean down of the facility. The cleaning is verified with the 3M Gluten Protein Rapid Test.

The final product has been independently lab tested to validate the allergen management practices we have in place.

This is all done at our facility at Rouse Hill, NSW. Being made locally, we are able to provide you with a gluten free communion cup that is more affordable and fresh compared to other imported products.

Visually different

You can visually identify the gluten free communion cups by the high contrasting print on the top clear film. It shows the Coeliac Australia Endorsement logo, which identifies the product as gluten free.

What remains the same

The cups size and juice component remains the same.

Bag sizes and pricing

Each bag will contain 50 packs. You can order them online in increments of 50 packs up to 500 packs. For larger quantities please contact us.

Please see pricing table below:


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