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Subscription plans for our Prefilled Communion Cups

Hi everyone,We hope you’re all doing well as the winter season gets colder. On our front we have been busy with shipping out your orders and also working towards making our own wafers (potentially gluten free ones too). Stay tuned for details and updates in the coming months!

More importantly for this season, we have recently set up subscription plans for our prefilled communion cups! We are so excited to launch this new product to you.

Subscription plans make it even easier for you to simplify Holy Communion for your church. All you have to do is subscribe once and the communion cups will arrive regularly.

Simply select the amount and period (monthly or bi- monthly) and thats it! There’s no minimum subscription period and you can change your plan or cancel it at any time.

You will then receive a regular supply of communion cups for your church, without the hassle of ordering manually.

How easy is that? We hope that you will find it simple and effortless to do Holy Communion wherever you are.

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Stay tuned for updates!

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