Save time using our prefilled communion cups

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Reduce preparation time

Save time using our prefilled communion cups

Our aim is to help churches in Australia simplify holy communion preparation. We want to help you make your process simpler so you can better focus on celebrating the Lord’s Supper. Our prefilled communion cups can help you save preparation time especially for larger congregations or at church conferences.

Common way of preparing for holy communion

For many churches, serving holy communion involves passing two trays. The first tray containing juice (or wine) in a mini cup followed by a second tray with bread pieces. This process requires two passes to have both elements in the hands of the congregation. Generally preparation involves lining and filling of individual cups, and also the preparation of the bread element onto the trays. This means handling the cups of juice multiple times during both preparation and passing of the elements within the congregation. The logistics of preparing for the Eucharist will become more complex when preparing for a larger worship celebration or conference. You will either need additional time to prepare for the larger amount, or need a larger prep area to accomodate more church volunteers working together to prepare the sacraments.

Save time with less preparation

With our prefilled communion cups, you can avoid the process of preparing the juice and manually filling each cup. The preparation process is simplified to unpacking the prepackaged cups from our bulk pack and then placing them onto your serving trays. Church volunteers can easily manage preparation in 15 minutes of less.

Save time passing the communion elements

The ‘bread and wine’ that is prepackaged into one container only requires one pass through the congregation. Compared to the traditional two pass of separate communion elements, you can save time by less handling of trays through the congregation. Both elements can be in the hands of your church quicker, saving some time for your church program.

Save time with less clean ups

With the traditional way, an overfilled cup tends to spill onto the serving tray (or elsewhere) when being served to the church, requiring cleaning up afterwards. There is less risk of spilling when using our prepackaged communion cups  because the holy sacraments safely sealed until it is consumed.

Start to simplify today

To benefit from the simplicity of our prefilled communion cups, please place and order below. If you would like to find out more, please contact us on (02) 8379 2971 or send us a short message here.

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