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Communing to health and prosperity

So happy with my portable communion cups and wafers.
They enable me to take communion to hospitals and wherever people need to avail themselves of the simple gift of accessing these gifts of grace.


It is good, delivery was quick package in tact . Cups easy to open
I feel brand new and young each day l take communion

It very good, easy to open and very handy

It’s make it easy for my small prayer group to take the communion
No stress to mix it by yourself

Thank you

Easy to use. Great storage solution - all in one. No fuss. Fast delivery.

Great service

So quick, easy and convenient. Managed to place an order online and pick up not too long afterwards!!

Prefilled Communion Cups (100 packs)

Great value, great service, great product

Product arrived and was just as advertised. Very happy with the quality of the juice, wafer is good too

Prefilled Holy Communion cup

This prefilled holy communion cup is so convenient and hygenic too. Easy to use and now you can take holy communion anytime and anywhere, when you are out and about. Just pop a few in your bags . I take it everyday to claim God's healing over my body and to take Him for what He did for me at the Cross. The wafer and juice taste good too. I highly encourange people to buy from Whole in One . Its a family run business and they are very friendly.

Wow Dianne, thanks! Your thoughtful and descriptive review helps other community members know what we are all about.
Best Communion Elements

I ordered my emblems on the weekend and they were delivered literally the next business day.

The elements are fresh and the seals are easy to peel.

Hi Taita, thanks so much for the review. Hear back from you soon about the invitation to the IDMC Conference. God bless.

Prefilled Communion Cups (100 packs)


The delivery process was terrific and the juice is great. The crackers are not crunchy (probably don't need to be) and not tasty at all. My suggestion would be to have gluten free crackers as an option as many people require them.


Thankyou for this fresh Australian Made product. Blessings

Dear Jess, thanks so much for taking a moment to wrote us a review. God bless!

Waffle is soft, not crispy.
The 2nd layer of plastic that covers the juice does not tear off easily.
Even though the item is well within the used by date, however, it is not as fresh.

Hi Duncan, thanks for your feedback. We apologise about the seal will be checking them to ensure they are fine. The bread element is sourced from a well known altar bread manufacturer, the quality has been consistent and it is not meant to be crispy. We are happy to provide a replacement, if you would like this please let us know.
Great service

Great service, prefilled communion cups, juice tastes good as well. Thank you!


Prefilled Communion Cups (100 packs)


Prefilled Communion Cups (100 packs)

Great Product

easy to use and great taste. Jackson and the team have been great working with us.

Hi Shannae, thanks so much for writing us a review and for letting us serve your church. We look forward to keeping up the positive experience with our prefilled communion cups.

Excellent service communication and quick!

Handy for travelling

compact. Fantastic that it is a local Aussie product.

Loved it!

Very happy with the product, also the order was shipped and couriered in good time.

Easy and Efficient

These cups are perfect, especially if you are doing communion for a large event. Easy to open and are delivered punctually. Great product!

Dear Kaye, thanks so much the good review and we hope that we can continue to provide value to your church for communion services and also special events. God bless
Simple & Easy

We used it on our Good Friday and Easter Service. It was so simple and easy.
We used kosher grape juice before, the taste was a little bit different but still acceptable for us. Thank you for helping us especially when we are conducting our event on hiring venue,

Great product and v quick delivery

This is a fabulous product I was very happy to find a producer in Australia and I placed an order and it arrived the next day, very happy thanks.

Very Good

This is a most helpful way of providing communion emblems. I take them several with me when I travel and am able to have a quiet, reflective communion most days. A really good product and easy to access the bread and the juice.

communion cups

We have been using these communion cups for about 6 months. They are a great alternative if you are short on volunteers to organise communion & the quality has been really good through out this time.

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