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Great service and very lovely to work with.

Great Communion emblems

Easy to use, and small enough to carry around.

Great service, fast delivery

Great service, fast delivery

No. product


You can take them in the car, in your handbag, to a friends, keep beside your bed, on the kitchen table, I’ve had quite a few guests over praying through the house and we all felt the Lord wanted us to take communion and it’s soo easy I just go to my box full and hand them out it’s so convenient, when you’re watching church online and everyone is talking communion, bam your communion is already there, I partner with Katie Souza expected end ministries and during partner mentoring we all usually take communion together so this product really is appreciated and it’s also great to teach my kids about communion and partake as a family at home. To say the least we love it! Very greatfull for this product and it’s such an important and needed product!

Subscription plans: monthly or bi-monthly Prefilled Communion Cups

The first batch I got was great. However the second batch I have had issues removing the juice plastic

Thanks so much for the feedback. We are sorry to hear about that, and have left a message to organise a replacement to be sent to you. Thanks

Great product, love it’s Aussie made

Great product

Ive a tasted a couple of products on the market. This one is the best tasting. We use them for the homeless outreach on Friday nights. Very convenient.

Life's a Breeze

We started using The Whole-In-One Communion cups approximately 12 months ago and they are fantastic. The process to order them is great and we love that we can set up an automated order so that we never run out. The congregation has found them very easy to use from the oldest to the youngest and they keep so well. Thanks Jackson & Amy for a great job.

Very Helpful and Easy to Use


We haven’t used the communion cups yet. We are waiting for Easter.

Easy to use and very convenient.

The Communion Cups are an amazing way to have communion regularly. I use them personally everyday, in our Life Groups and meetings. Highly recommend them.

Really convenient

We’ve just started using these Communion Cups and have found them easy and convenient to use and delivery is very prompt. Great product.

Great Service

Communion cups are convenient, easy to use and taste nice. The service is excellent.

It a great product

Delivery was quick. Thank God for such a gift to put this together.

Prefilled Communion Cups (100 packs)


Great service, great product

Prefilled Communion Cups (100 packs)




I have read books from Joseph Prince and Kenneth Copeland on Holy Communion. So practicing them with your Communion cups have been very helpful for my ongoing prayer life. Thank you and God bless all the work you do.. Question. Do you pray over the packages before you post them?
It would be an added bonus for those receiving them that they are blessed before shipping.
Monique Smith

Hi Monique, thanks for much for the positive review. We do not pray over the each package before shipping but we do pray before and during the production process for healing and forgiveness. Thanks and God bless.

versatile, easy for travelling.

Great Service. Excellent Product

We were purchasing from the US until we discovered Whole in One. The service is personal. In a short time our "patterns" have been recognised and if the order is slightly different, we get a phone call to verify. Love the personal service. Product is great. We are a happy customer

So easy

We love them easy no wastage and hygienic. But they need to have a longer shelf life. But great

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