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The Overcomer

The Communion Cups worked very well. A symbol of the way God gives ideas that help to overcome difficult situations. Ingenious. They looked good too sitting in the timber Communion trays. No problems with delivery. Thankyou.

Prefilled Communion Cups (100 packs)


Your cups are an effective replacement doing what they are advertised to do.
Note: quite noisey in opening.
We can cope with the noise but better if there is a silent variation available.

Communion Cups

They are great. Convenient & ready for use. Sometimes tricky to peal back the juice film, but overall good.

West Toowoomba Presbyterian

Used monthly. Realise some modifications have been made regarding removing the seals. People are still uncertain if the product will work causing concern for the elderly. Also the crinkle of the clear seal is annoying to some. Can't please everyone. Product is meeting a need.
Website does not recognise that I have indicated I have read the T & C's and can't order on line.


Very happy with these communion cups, hygienic and simple to use.

Efficient Communion

We found this system to be excellent for our needs. The providers were prompt and easy to deal with.

Happy Customer

We have received great feedback that the cups are easy to open and the lip on the cup is easy to drink from.

Thank you
Your Church Tasmania

Perfect portions

I bought a box of these for myself as I can't handle drinking the port provided by my church - now I can fully participate in the communion service. Highly recommend!

Great Value

Convenient and easy to use, these communion cups represented great value for money. Thank you for providing such a valuable service.

I am the State Chaplain for Boys Brigade South Australia and am responsible for serving the Eucharist on camps and parades - this system has been most sensible and useful, both in convenience and acceptance during this time in our lives.
i have been borrowing the cups from the congregations where the services have been held and have been very satisfied with the style and manufacture of the cups.
Please accept my congratulations for the concept and manufacture of a very useful system.

Change to bread cracker size

Good but not happy how you changed the bread cracker so small... The bread is just a symbol but its still significant because it symbolises the bread of life. I know it was already small but it gets to a point if it's too small the symbol seems meaningless... Please consider this.. God bless and thank you

Great Value & Service

The product was exactly what I needed and the price, delivery and service was more than I had hoped for. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

Easy option

In these times this is an excellent option for churches to still have communion.
Whole in one are easy to deal with and the product great

Very happy.

Very satisfied with price, easy to open as we have older people in our congregation. Not long waiting time from putting in the order. Very happy to use this product for our communion time.

Very satisfied customer

very professional business fast and honest service .

Awesome product and service

Love this product. Makes communion easy. We used this product even before Covid19 hit. Excellent service

Prefilled Communion Cups (100 packs)

Not had opportunity to use them yet, but small group are interested in trying them for our next monthly meeting.

Communion cups

Very happy with price and product

Absolutely LOVE the Communion Cups!!!

Love the size and the quality! First time buying from Whole In One and will buying again! Thank you!


These cups have made communion easier during Covid. We are grateful for the resource!

A Customer Review On Communion Product

Excellent customer Service.
Excellent Communion Product.
Very Hygienic.
I am very Happy to recommend to any one.
Very prompt service.
Joe Joseph

Summerland Christian Fellowship

The box was damaged on arrival but the contents were okay. The older members find it difficult to open but the concept is good.

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