Subscription plans: monthly or bi-monthly Prefilled Communion Cups

Product photo of prefilled communion cup

Subscription plans: monthly or bi-monthly Prefilled Communion Cups

From: $ 27.50 inc. GST every 2 months

This is the subscription model of our Prefilled Communion Cups. Subscribe now to receive regular supply of our communion cups to Simplify Holy Communion preparation.

Our subscription plans are simple: No minimum period – i.e. can change plan or cancel anytime. To make changes to your subscription account, simply log in with your username and password.

The cups contains an altar bread (wafer) and blackcurrant juice in one small package. Subscriptions are available from 100 -1,000 pack at a monthly or bi-monthly period. Purchasing this subscription option will save you from ordering each month, and also ensure that you receive the communion cups even if you forget to order. If the quantity or period you want is not available, please contact us so we can organise it for you.

You can save time preparing for Holy Communion because these prepackaged communion cups are ready to serve. You don’t have to worry about preparing trays of bread and filling tiny cups separately before your church service.

Our prefilled communion cups are also more hygienic because they remain sealed as the communion tray is passed through your church congregation, reducing the chance of contamination.

When a church grows larger in size, the logistics gets more complicated. This is also true for serving Holy Communion for a church group over a few hundred people. Our prefilled communion cups can be a great help if you are hosting a meeting where larger groups are expected to attend, i.e. church conference or Easter service

Prefilled Communion Cups in serving trays
Prefilled Communion Cups in serving trays

The prefilled communion cups can be easily open by pulling back clear film which holds the bread, and then pulling back the silver foil to access the blackcurrant juice.

Animation showing opening of prefilled communion cup
Animation showing opening of prefilled communion cup

Order now to help your church simplify the Holy Communion preparation.

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Prefilled communion cups with a round altar bread and blackcurrant juice.

  • Simple preparation
  • Easy to open
  • Reduce Waste
  • No mess


Additional information

Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 27 × 15 × 9 cm

100 packs, 200 packs, 300 packs, 400 packs, 500 packs, 600 packs, 700 packs, 800 packs, 900 packs, 1,000 packs, 2,500 packs


Monthly, Bi-monthly

Customer Reviews

Based on 595 reviews
Daphne H.
The Overcomer

The Communion Cups worked very well. A symbol of the way God gives ideas that help to overcome difficult situations. Ingenious. They looked good too sitting in the timber Communion trays. No problems with delivery. Thankyou.

Meredith C.

Prefilled Communion Cups (100 packs)

G H.

Your cups are an effective replacement doing what they are advertised to do.
Note: quite noisey in opening.
We can cope with the noise but better if there is a silent variation available.

Angela G.
Communion Cups

They are great. Convenient & ready for use. Sometimes tricky to peal back the juice film, but overall good.

Lionel J.
West Toowoomba Presbyterian

Used monthly. Realise some modifications have been made regarding removing the seals. People are still uncertain if the product will work causing concern for the elderly. Also the crinkle of the clear seal is annoying to some. Can't please everyone. Product is meeting a need.
Website does not recognise that I have indicated I have read the T & C's and can't order on line.

Village A.C.C.

Very happy with these communion cups, hygienic and simple to use.

Alan H.
Efficient Communion

We found this system to be excellent for our needs. The providers were prompt and easy to deal with.

Joy E.

Very good

Leonie M.
Happy Customer

We have received great feedback that the cups are easy to open and the lip on the cup is easy to drink from.

Thank you
Your Church Tasmania

K M.
Perfect portions

I bought a box of these for myself as I can't handle drinking the port provided by my church - now I can fully participate in the communion service. Highly recommend!