Prefilled Communion Cups (100 packs)

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Prefilled Communion Cups (100 packs)

$ 27.50 inc. GST

Prefilled communion cups with a round altar bread and blackcurrant juice in one small package. They are packaged in units of 100 with each pack being sold for $ 27.50.

  • Suitable for family use at home
  • Simple preparation
  • Easy to open
  • Reduce Waste
  • No mess

Stock update: on backorder, dispatch in approx. 4-5 business days.

We’ve introduced minor changes to the bread element of our product. There is a slight reduction in size of the wheat wafer, and it will now be white instead of wholemeal. Please see the product update announcement for more info and photos.

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Prefilled Communion Cups – A Time-Saving Blessing

Now you can serve Holy Communion effortlessly by using our Whole In One prefilled communion cups. We produce them locally in Sydney at our Christian family business. We are excited to share with you a way to simplify the logistics of preparing for the celebration of the Lord’s Supper!

Our prefilled communion cups contain an altar bread and blackcurrant juice in one package. It will reduce your preparation time and avoid the messy spills.

These cups are suitable for use at small home gatherings and also Sunday worship services. They are especially great for larger conferences where the logistics of serving holy communion are more challenging and time-consuming.


We Saw A Need In The Church

It was easy to notice the need for a more sanitary and time-efficient way to prepare Holy Communion. With that we began by making prefilled communion cups for our local church. We feel that preparation for the Lord’s Supper should not be stressful. Instead it should be a simple process that was easy to manage.

The solution was to remove the need to prepare the ‘bread and wine’ by hand.

Most of you would have seen someone prepare the elements for the celebration of the Lord’s Supper at your church. It takes at least two people to put it all together (for a small church). They usually attend to this work an hour or more before the service begins. You may have wondered how they kept from getting the grape juice all over their sunday best!

By using our cups you can significantly reduce time required for preparing the elements. This helps decrease the time-consuming work of church staff or volunteers. These cups also help minimise the risk of potential contamination by eliminating the need for anyone to touch the elements prior to consumption. Our prefilled communion cups reduce the entire preparation for the meal to simply unpacking the cups into serving trays. Your church staff or volunteers will save precious preparation time; and your congregation will maintain confidence in the quality and freshness of the Holy Communion served at your church.


Easy To Use

The ‘bread and wine’ are separated and individually sealed inside our special prefilled communion cup packaging. Accessing the communion elements is as easy as opening a food container. You simply peel back the clear foil on the top layer to access the altar bread. Similarly, peeling back the second metallic foil will give you access to the blackcurrant juice. Both young and old will be able to open the prefilled communion cups easily.

The ‘bread and wine’ could be exposed to possible contamination once placed on the serving tray when using the traditional methods of preparation; therefore none of the elements can be saved for a later date. With our prefilled cups, you can store any unopened packs and serve them again at a later date. The cups are made of plastic so you can recycle the opened packages.


Safe and Sanitary Packaging

The bread element, a round, white wheat wafer, is made without additives. It holds its form well and will not easily crumble, ensuring that the celebration maintains its solemnity. It is also more sanitary to be the only one touching the bread before you eat it. The wine component consists of blackcurrant juice made from concentrate and is sealed until you are ready to use it.


Before shipping, we assemble both parts of the cup in a clean, climate-controlled environment with ultra-violet light disinfection treatment. We give extra care during the packing and sealing process to ensure your prefilled communion cups are safe and sanitary.


Handling Larger Groups

Church growth is natural and desirable, but serving Holy Communion to a large congregation can become a logistical concern. Individually preparing the elements takes a great deal of time before the service and may deprive your church of ministry attendants that would otherwise be available to help in other places. Even if your congregation isn’t experiencing a growth surge, there are two times during the year when most churches can almost double in size: Easter and Christmas.

These are times when many of the folks attending the service will be unfamiliar with church traditions in general and therefore, may feel awkward when it comes to taking communion. Using our prefilled communion cups places the elements in everyone’s hands at the same time and allows the minister to lead the celebration with minimal confusion; especially for the new attendees.


Eliminate Unnecessary Confusion and Delay

There is also the issue of time. While the Lord doesn’t have his church on a strict schedule, the church leadership will want to be sensitive to how much time is taken up with the actual serving of the elements. Your church can add a more profound sense of solemnity to the celebration by ensuring that the elements are in everyone’s hands quickly by using our prefilled communion cups.

Holy Communion is a structured observance in the worship service that demands our prayerful attention. Confusion and delay detract from Christian meditation. Orderliness is conducive to worship, prayer, and godliness.


Holy Communion Is A Gift To The Church

The Lord’s Supper or Holy Communion, as some call it, is one of the most precious moments in the life of the congregation of the church. It is nothing less than a celebration. As the congregants hold the elements in their hands, they are repeating the events that first took place over two thousand years ago in Jerusalem, and have been repeated countless times since then.

Using our prefilled communion cups makes the celebration clean, sanitary and orderly. You are making it easier for believing guests; those who are not familiar with your particular church tradition to join in the celebration with you and praise the Lord for what he has done for those who believe. Also you are a better steward of our resources by recycling the cups after the service.


Animation showing how to open the prefilled communion cup.

The prefilled communion cups can be easily open by pulling back clear film which holds the bread, and then pulling back the silver foil to access the blackcurrant juice.

Order now (Add To Cart) to help your church simplify the Holy Communion preparation.

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Meredith C.

Prefilled Communion Cups (100 packs)

G H.

Your cups are an effective replacement doing what they are advertised to do.
Note: quite noisey in opening.
We can cope with the noise but better if there is a silent variation available.

Angela G.
Communion Cups

They are great. Convenient & ready for use. Sometimes tricky to peal back the juice film, but overall good.

Lionel J.
West Toowoomba Presbyterian

Used monthly. Realise some modifications have been made regarding removing the seals. People are still uncertain if the product will work causing concern for the elderly. Also the crinkle of the clear seal is annoying to some. Can't please everyone. Product is meeting a need.
Website does not recognise that I have indicated I have read the T & C's and can't order on line.

Village A.C.C.

Very happy with these communion cups, hygienic and simple to use.

Alan H.
Efficient Communion

We found this system to be excellent for our needs. The providers were prompt and easy to deal with.

Joy E.

Very good

Leonie M.
Happy Customer

We have received great feedback that the cups are easy to open and the lip on the cup is easy to drink from.

Thank you
Your Church Tasmania

K M.
Perfect portions

I bought a box of these for myself as I can't handle drinking the port provided by my church - now I can fully participate in the communion service. Highly recommend!

Great Value

Convenient and easy to use, these communion cups represented great value for money. Thank you for providing such a valuable service.