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Happy Mother's Day

Make a Difference this Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers and Mother-Figures in our lives!

We are doing something special in the month of May. From the 12th to 31st May 2024, for every 1,000 packs of pre-filled communion cups sold, we will donate $20 towards Compassion’s Mum and Babies Survival projects.

A Mum and Babies Survival Project not only helps lives – it saves them. The first year of life is fragile and every gift will reduce child mortality by equipping new and expectant mothers with critical care and guidance from pregnancy up to a child’s first birthday. This gift provides a new mum living in poverty with care package filled with vital supplies such as nappies, blankets, clothes, bottles, soap and food.

This initiative focuses on promoting the development and survival of the most vulnerable babies and also providing education and support for the mother or primary caregiver. To find out more, please visit

Please note that this is based on cumulative sales total, so every purchase makes a difference! Do keep a lookout for our email next month for an update on the total gift donated!

Thank you for joining us in this meaningful endeavour.

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