IDMC Conference 2017 in Sydney

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IDMC 2017 Marketplace Discipleship

IDMC Conference 2017 in Sydney

What is IDMC Conference?

IDMC Conference aims to be catalytic in sounding a clear trumpet call for intentional disciple making in the local church. Each year’s conference is distinct, addressing specific areas of critical concern in disciple making churches today. For 2017, the focus will be on Marketplace Discipleship, where the majority of us spend the most part of their time interacting with a great number of the lost world. Marketplace Discipleship aims to teach the Christian principles on work, how should a Christian respond to work, and how the workplace can be redeemed for Christ.


What is IDMC?

IDMC stands for Intentional Disciple Making Churches. Rev. Edmund Chan founded an alliance of churches with a mission to return the Church to her disciple-making roots. Leaving no room for ambiguity of what discipleship means, IDMC defines it to be the process of:

Bringing people into right relationship with God and developing them to full maturity in Christ, through intentional growth strategies, that they might multiply the entire process in others also.

The church that we attend in Sydney has been on the IDMC journey for the past 5 years. To be the certain kind of disciple described above, we need to cultivate the ABCs:

  • Authenticity – Be mastered and live by the word of God
  • Brokenness – Surrendered to Christ daily
  • Courageous – Sold out for His cause

Conference details:

Speakers: Reverend Edmund Chan & Pastor Ann Chan

Where: Dayspring Church, Castle Hill

When: 25 & 26 August 2017

IDMC Conference 2017 Pricing

To sign up please visit  IDMC Conference website or click the image above.


Whole In One Communion

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We gave out free samples of our prefilled communion cups to attendees in their conference pack at the IDMC Conferences in previous years. This year we are planning to take a different approach. We will be giving out a discount code specially made available to IDMC Conference attendees to use at our online store. If you are attending the IDMC Conference, make sure you look out for our special discount code in your conference pack.

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